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  • The Meteoriks are named after Giles Constant, a dedicated scener whose nicknames were 'Meaty' or 'MeteoriK' and who was taken away from us far too early. He was a prolific and skilled content producer as well as a brilliant fellow with a wonderful sense of humor, and therefore a great symbol for both the nerdy enthusiasm and the tight friendship that define the demoscene.
    BitFellas has a very nice tribute page dedicated to Meaty if you'd like to know more about a scener we're all missing dearly.

  • Anything with a CPU that has a 16 bit or smaller data bus and Amiga AGA machines and comparable architectures. See also here.

  • The Meteoriks are built on the same principles as the Awards but are not an official successor.

    With the discontinuation of the Awards the demoscene was left with a void that needed to be filled. Our aim is to do exactly that and continue the great work that they were doing for ten years.

  • You'll have to know about potential candidates for the category you are jurying in, watch them all, decide which ones you find worthy and then (this is the hard part), coordinate with the rest of the jury to choose nominees and laureates. We'll try to keep the workload manageable for every jury member.

  • Over the past years we collected such a large heap of proposals and received so much feedback from you during the Meteoriks process that we believe we have a good overview of the categories you'd like to see, so we decided to focus on the actual jury work this year.
    We still want to hear from you if you have an idea for a category you'd like to see in the next year's Meteoriks! Please send us an email to, tell us the name of your proposed category, a short description in two sentences, and some example productions that you think fit well into this category.

  • There will so be trophies.

  • Reducing the workload of each juror is a big concern since it takes a lot of time watching and re-watching all productions to be able to select a deserving winner. By limiting the responsibilities of each juror to a smaller amount of work we increase the chance of having a happy jury and also getting more willing applicants.

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